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Scouting Info

What is your Robots drivetrain?

MK4 Swerve drive from Swerve Drive Specialties.

Where does your Robot need to start in autonomous?

Anywhere, we have multiple strategies that we can use in autonomous. (See Autonomous Strategies)

Does your Robot score in autonomous?

Yes we can score any game piece in any node in autonomous.

Can your Robot balance in autonomous?

Yes if we need to we can from anywhere.

Does your Robot use vision?

Yes, we use photonvision on a limelight 2+ for autonomous scoring and position estimation, as well as a secondary camera to help drivers. Specific strategies are elaborated on in Vision.

What nodes can your Robot score?

We can score on any node, but have the most practice scoring in either cone nodes or hybrid nodes.

What levels can your Robot score on?

We prefer to score in the middle zone, but can score anywhere.

What Loading zone do you use?

We need to use the duplex to load, but can grab either cones or cubes from the human players.